Let us help you scale beyond your MS Access databases!

We work together with you to build engaging, dynamic, and cross-platform replacements to your existing MS Access databases. We will help you migrate your data, and put together a strategy for scaling your databases. No project is too big or too small! We love working together with you to help you take your business to the next level!

Why convert to web / cloud hosted database systems?
Once built, you can securely access your data on your mobile devices, tablets, and computers other than Windows PC’s in or out of the office.  If you have compliance issues, we can build the app in such a way that it is only accessible within your company’s internal network.  This will help you to keep better track of your data if you have multiple offices.  Allow us to  help your business to seamlessly, securely grow.

Has experience spanning four generations of application and database software (mainframe, PC, client-server, and cloud) for a wide variety of organizations and industries. The chances are great that we have already developed an application with many features similar to yours. We know the best way to upgrade your MS-Access application to a Web-based application.

Beyond Wizards
Automatic conversion wizards are only practical for a very simple table- and form-based conversions. Beyond that, we will handle conversion of your complex using our depth and breadth of knowledge to navigate the transition from a local database to one that operates on the Web.

No application too complex
From integration with applications such as Excel or non-Microsoft technologies, to sophisticated reporting and user interface requirements; from in-house to cloud-based hosting, we can handle the complexity without adding any more than is necessary.

We strive for zero loss of functionality plus an enhanced user experience.

Why convert from MS-Access to the Web?
• Remote access from any device or computer
• Scalability – the data is converted to MS-SQL Server, which can handle much greater amounts of data than MS-Access.
• Security – ASP.NET and SQL Server provide very robust security, and encryption when required.
• Stability – SQL server is not subject to corruption the way MS-Access is, and can be backed up while in use more safely than MS-Access.
• Flexibility – web-based applications are not limited to the built in features that limit MS-Access

Our technology
We convert applications built from any version of MS-Access to ones with an MS-SQL back and an ASP.NET front end. Our default development environment includes Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2012 on a Windows Server 2012. Your data and website can be hosted on any number of hardware platforms depending on the project’s size, throughput, and availability requirements, including on Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s AWS, or your own in-house server. We are also experienced in HIPAA compliance.